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When a homeowner lives in a house for a long time, it’s hard for them to see their house objectively. The way you comfortably live in your home is very different than the way you sell your home.

The first step for the homeowners should be to view their home as a product that they are going to sell. To sell that product – it must look its best.

Even though your home might have been professionally decorated at one time, it may now be “outdated” or too “taste specific.”

Today’s buyers want move-in, modern looking homes.

I can make changes to minimize the negative and highlight the positive.
Simple changes don’t have to cost alot of money, and on average, sell 50% faster than a non-professionally staged home.


Beginning with a consultation, I will come in and we will tour the home together. I will be looking at the home as a prospective buyer would.

  • We might discuss how we can neutralize and depersonalize the home.
  • De-cluttering, and organization.
  • Color choices, room purpose, and flow
  • Furniture arrangement,
    Furniture that’s too big or too small.
    Too little furniture or too much furniture,
    Outdated or worn furniture, and in some cases, furniture rental.
    ~ If furniture is needed – I will select furniture from our Rental Furniture Affiliates, and provide you with a separate estimate.
  • We will discuss if you need to edit or add updated accessories or artwork.
    ~If accessories or artwork are needed – I will carefully select and purchase them within your budget.
  • I try to use most of the furniture and accessories that the homeowner already has and supplement with some updated pieces.
  • I might suggest cosmetic enhancements such as paint, wallpaper or carpet removal, repairs etc., if they are critical to the sale of the home.
    These are a few things that might distract a buyer.

After the consultation, I will prepare a plan for your proposal. If you decide to proceed with the staging, we will set a date.
On the Staging day, I will come prepared with everything I need to showcase your home. In most cases by the end of the day, your house will be ready for its big “debut” and photo shoot.


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How Can We Help You?

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