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Who needs this service?

  • Any homeowner that has already moved out, and has an empty house to sell.
  • A builder that wants a model-ready house to show.
  • An investor or flipper that wants a quick and profitable sale


No matter how lovely the home, a vacant home seems cold and empty,
showing no color, personality or emotion. It only allows buyers to focus on the negative aspects. Staging on the other hand highlights the positive.

How big is the room?

Without furniture it’s incredibly difficult to tell the scale and size of a room.
When the buyer isn’t able to figure this out – they walk away!

What is this room for?

Many times a buyer can’t tell if it’s a living room or a dining room in an unfurnished home.

Don’t keep them guessing because it only distracts them from considering the home as a purchase.

Nine out of ten people walking through a home have no imagination of the wonderful possibilities the home has to offer.
Bringing in furniture and accessories helps buyers to visualize their own belongings in each room and are now able to
emotionally connect and feel like they can live there.
Furniture also helps small rooms appear larger.

We want buyers to step into a lifestyle we are selling, and make their offers.
I will turn the house into that lifestyle and the home they have been searching for.
It will have a warm and contemporary feel that will be ready for it’s new family!



  • After the consultation, I will prepare a proposal for your review. Once approved, I will customize a plan to specifically enhance your property since every house has its own unique qualities.
  • Working within your budget, I will source furniture from my rental affiliates that best fits the home style, budget and buyer demographics. I keep up with the current trends and know what the buyers are looking for. I offer a diverse selection of Premium Staging Décor and accessories. We can do the entire house or just the most important rooms.
  • Your house will show like a “model house” and your online photos will stand out ahead of the competition, and that will attract more buyers to your open houses.
  • On the Staging day, I will meet the furniture movers and advise them where to place the furniture. I will then complete the décor with bedding, pillows, artwork, plants, and accessories that I have selected for your house.
  • Accessories can be rented or purchased from Staging Magic.

When the house is sold, I will meet with the movers and spend the day de-staging.


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How Can We Help You?

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