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As you know, Staging adds value to any home.

It’s a very visual world and today’s buyers want  move-in, modern-looking homes that are appealing to the eyes.

A Staged home shows people how they could live in the home, allowing them to make a decision faster.

What used to be a luxury option, known only to the wealthy, has now become an affordable necessity to anyone selling their home!

Professional Staging and Design attracts more buyers to view your listings, and attend your open houses.

It gives your properties a big competitive advantage in the market.


The Cost of Staging is Far Less than your First Price Reduction!!


Most buyers have no imagination of how to use an unfurnished space.

It just seems cold and empty with no personality, and will distract them from a purchase.

Furniture helps them imagine themselves living there by creating a “Lifestyle”.


For Vacant Properties:

I will meet you at the property and tour the house. I’ll take photos and measurements, and develop a furniture plan.

I will then prepare a price quote for your client usually within 48 hours.


In many cases, when a homeowner lives in their home for a long time, they do not see the negative features that might be visible to buyers.

The home could be cluttered, or in need of repair or it might be outdated.

Ornate furniture and heavy curtains are out! Modern and sophisticated is in! Today’s Millennial buyers want a Contemporary Look.

Most homeowners feel their home is worth much more than market value. As the agent, it is sometimes difficult to tell them the price is too high or all the other negatives you see.

By bringing me in as your Certified Home Stager, I can be gently critical, giving your clients experienced solutions on how they can maximize the value of their home.


For Occupied Properties:

  • I will meet with you and the homeowner and tour the house, both inside and out.
  • We will discuss goals, expectations and budget.
  • I will point out things a buyer would see and any critical areas that might need addressing.
  • We might discuss decluttering and organization, furniture arrangement or furniture rental (if necessary), decor, lighting etc.
  • I might discuss cosmetic enhancements such as paint, wallpaper or carpet removal, repairs etc. if they are critical to the sale of the home.
  • I will then prepare a proposal usually within 48 hours for the homeowner to review. I can also supply a detailed report of my recommendations if the homeowner wants to implement them themselves.

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How Can We Help You?

 Vacant Occupied